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About me

Second year PhD Student at CREST, under the supervision of Philippe CHONE.

My main fields of interest are: Industrial Organization,  Microeconomics, Applied Econometrics, and applications to the ecommerce.


Working projects :

  • Obfuscation incentives of a Monopoly in a Dynamic Framework

(Manuscript on Demand)

Abstract :

Obfuscation is a well-known strategy developed by firms to lower the intensity of competition within a market. In this work, we develop a theoretical framework extending this result to a monopoly controlling consumer’s search costs. In a dynamic structure where the future of the monopoly is today’s competitor as phrased by Coase’s Conjecture, obfuscating some products allows the monopoly to turn clients into myopic consumers. This myopie generates higher profit through an optimal price discrimination. Introducing some correlation between the valuations of the goods, we are able to describe a continuum of situations, from standard search models (no correlation) to more complex but realistics equilibrium. Interestingly, there seems to exists a correlation value above which obfuscation is no longer profitable.


  • INSEE : 2017-2018 : Préparation du concours interne Administrateur

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